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General Links
   Allakhazam  All you want to know about EverQuest
   EQ Casters Realm Not that good at all.
   EQ Damage DPS site
   EQ Traders Corner If you're into trading, this is the place
   EQ'Lizer General spoiler site
   EqCaster Nice lore site
   EQMaps Maps, Items, Zone info, everything...
   EQVault General eq site
   EverQuest The game we play
   Gnomish Portrait Machine Create your own EQ gfx chars
   Gui Mod Sites Want a Custom GUI? - Look no further
   LDON items LDON items
   Lucy Information about spells and items in game
   Mobhunter News site.
   NEW: Exp calculator Exp calculator for all races/classes in EQ
   The Library of Talies the Wanderer EQ Glosary, commands, etc
   World time server Very nice time site. Will convert time differences at a click
   Magelo EQ Items  EQ Items DB... Update live through Magelo EQ Items
   Magelo EQ Spells EQ Spells DB...
   Magelo listings very nice magelo ranking tool.. enjoy
   EQ Econ Everquest Item Prices and Charting
   EQ Prices The prices are very high, but still a good site to get info from
   EQ-Atlas One of the best mapsites for EverQuest
   EQ-Toolbox Maps for the new Cartography System
Tactics & Strategies
   Plane of Growth A nice PoG site with alot of info
   Plane of Growth 2 Another site with nice info
   Tales of Loral Ciriclight Various Strategy Guides
   AD site our friends on RZ's homepage
   Blades of Wrath Guildwebsite
   Clockwork Tinkers Union Gnomercy!
   Guildmagic A guild staticstic page
   EQTraders Message board for trade skill narcs
   Nexxus of Faith - Recruitment Nexxus of Faith - Recruitment
   Torvonnilous ezBoard - Torvonnilous
   Armor Comparison A nice comparison of the different armor types
   Armour chart Kunark and Velious armour
   CazicThule CazicThule loot table
   Focus Items list of focus items
   Haste items This is a complete list of haste items
   Velious Armor Quests Gems Reference Charts A chart of Velious quest gems
Class related: Bard
   EQ Diva Mainly for Bards but good for the rest of us too.....
   The Concert Hall "High end" Bard chat and discussion
Class related: Cleric
   EQCleric A must cleric info site
Class related: Druid
   EQ druid nice druid site
   The Druids Grove The board for Druids
Class related: Enchanter
   Enchanter Epic Epic walk-through
Class related: Magician
   The Mage board Discussion board for mages
   The Magecompendium The site for Magicians
   The Ultimate Magician Epic Quest Guide Full Magician Epic walk-through
Class related: Monk
   Monkly Business very good monk website. well detailed quests
Class related: Necromancer
   EQ Necro Good necro site with active forums
Class related: Paladin
   Paladins of Norrath Tomes of knowledge are a must
Class related: Ranger
   Angel's Ranger Guide & Information Angel's Ranger Guide & Information
   Ranger Epic Walkthrough Ranger Epic Walkthrough
Class related: Rogue
   The Safehouse The best site for Rogues
   The Ultimate Rogue Epic Quest Guide Full Rogue Epic walk-through
Class related: Shadow Knight The site for shadowknights
Class related: Shaman
   Belgar's alchemy Alchemy and misc shammy stuff (nice site)
   Slowable mobs Table of slowable mobs
Class related: Warrior
   Warrior boards Choppins Cyber Pit of Destruction
Class related: Wizard
   GraffĂ«'s Wizard Compilation 
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