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> Much Time Has Passed, Don't read, this is front page update
Posted: Nov 8 2004, 10:05:28
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Much effort has been put into this worldwide search. Uber twacking teams have been hired to twack
and twack and yet Nexxus of Faith still has a missing Lin"G".
If you've seen him please holler -
we might even consider a finder's award to the person finishing the trail; currently we're ready to
offer 6 skinned moss snakes and 2 yellow snowballs, more might be added later.

So…what have we been doing (other than wondering about the LinG)? Lots!

Where should we start – oh yes, Uqua. We HATE Uqua. Really. Anyone that tells you differently
is lying! We beat the twins once, but they decided to combine their forces (Wonder Twin Powers
Activated!) to kick our butts whenever possible thereafter.

Time – trivial at best, but still SOME good loots. Love it when the former end game goal now has
stuff rot.
Hmm…we need to flag some more alts to gear up.

Omens of War – Now these are a zones we like. We get good loots, it’s easy, and yet there is a certain
something about the lag that we all know and love. It’s fun watching our guildies fall off the
bridge in Bloodfields because they forget to lev. Barbarians splat better than gnomes, btw, in
case anyone was doing a study on the phenomena.

That’s about it for this update. There will be more, we were just too lazy to actually link any of
the good loots we’ve gotten – it was more fun to play Find the LinG and we got a bit distracted.

EDIT, Dj: Fixed images wink.gif

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Posted: Sep 12 2005, 15:52:57
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holy smokes - seing this late and all that !

Pede - not sure if you will still read this, but i hope so smile.gif

You did one hell of a job as a guild leader and you had us all for a LONG time !

NoF was the experience of a lifetime - i don't think i ever had as much fun in a game and to be honest, whatever game i will be playing, whatever guild i will be in, i don't think i'll ever have that much fun again! NoF was a first, and last and always smile.gif

<3 <3

and FoCuS !

Posted: Oct 19 2005, 18:12:23
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nigglet please~

moo miss pede /lick

Btw Chromaggnous down >_>~~~~

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