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> Read Me: Recruiting Information, September 28, 2004
Posted: Apr 20 2004, 14:46:48
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spam artist...

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Nexxus of Faith , the leading euro-trash guild on Torvonnilous, is looking for good people who play at least 5 evenings a week between 19:00-23/24:00 CET (6 hours ahead of EST).

Our Recruiting Team consists of Perigee, Fidden, Jessica, Layny and Lullia. They are the ones that will look over your application, and any questions should be directed to us. It is also one of them you contact when interested in joining.

If you are applying to NoF, do not apply to another guild at the same time. If you are found to do so, your trial will end immediately, alternatively never start.

Previous experience in a raiding guild is highly desired. If you are an ex-member of a guild that had a history with NoF, don't allow that to put you off, we don't bear grudges (much).

Please note that if we recruit your Cleric, it is because we need your Cleric and we don’t want you changing your main to a monk one month later. Nexxus of Faith is looking for people who like their characters and strive to make them better. Alternate characters will not enhance your chances of gaining membership. Alts are great, we all have them, but if you apply with your Enchanter, we will only look at your Enchanter when considering you for NoF.

Currently we're accepting the following classes:

Bards - 1-2
Clerics - LOTS (can you ever have enough?)
Druids - 2
Beastlords - 1
Beserkers - 0-1
Enchanter - Closed Class
Magician - 0-1
Monks - Closed Class
Necromancer 1-2
Paladin 1-2
Rogue - 0-1
Shadowknights - Closed Class
Ranger - 1
Shaman - 2
Warrior - 3 (10k buffed minimum, all defensive AA)
Wizard - 0-1

0-1 means it depends on the person/abilities

A general rule is the more flags you have, the higher your chances are for getting invited to trial.


Minimum level for all classes is level 65. Getting to level 65 is not hard, so it is the least we can expect of you.

Good resists (being able to have 100 in any resist while maintaining 100 magic resist)
Some sort of indoor insta-click junk buff item (gobbie earring etc)
Some sort of EB item, self invis and see invis, and shrink if you are large.
At least 100 AAs. If you are Elemental Plane flagged AAs are not hard to get. Necessary AAs are obviously different for each class, therefore keeping them current in your Magelo profile is a must.
Epic or being able to live without it. We will not get you your epic, count on that.

Additional required stuff:

MUST HAVE FLAGS: You need to be flagged for the Elemental Planes. We will occasionally make exceptions, but they will be rare and far between.

GoD: Trials 1-6 are needed, or at least close to completion.

We are not currently raiding the EP gods for Time access, but we may occasionally.
We've flagged and re-flagged people for these mobs over and over again. If you're applying and HAVE these flags, great. If you're applying and don't, then expect to miss a lot of raids because you can't get into Time.

We rely on raiding in addition to general grouping to determine whether or not to grant trial. If you cannot raid with us, trial will NOT be offered until you can join us on raids.

If you don’t meet our requirements, you are not high on our want-list at this time, but don't let that scare you off. You are welcome to try your luck by contacting us.

If you meet up to our requirements, this is what you need to do:

1. Read through the Guild Charter, Raid Rules & Information section. If you agree to it, post an application.

Your application must include:

A. Your name, class, race and level and number of AAs.

B. The words "I'm currently not guilded"

C. Your play times (in CET), what time zone you are in, and how many days a week you usually play

D. A Magelo profile (required, don’t post until you have one). Your AAs and flags must be current in addition to your gear.

E. A description of how you meet up to our requirements, or alternatively don’t.

Applications that show you haven’t read this post will not be taken seriously, and may be deleted at my whim.

2. Join channel Nofrecruit. Tells to officers right before raids can get lost in the organizational spam. We will announce what the targets are in this channel and let you know what to do to join the raid. Do not sign on as an alt and join this channel at raid time. We will not take your interest seriously if you can’t be bothered to present yourself as ready to raid.

What happens next:

1. You will be invited to some raids (It will be your responsibility to check with us what were doing each day). If you (and we) are still interested after these raids, you will be tagged for an approximately one month long trial membership. During this period there will be a thread about you in the NoF Trial Members section, where full members can comment on the trial members. During your trial period, you are expected to attend a majority of our raids. If in doubt about what we're raiding, contact any of the recruitment team listed above.

2. After approximately one month (might be more, might be less, dont hassle anyone about it, thats a good way to make it longer) , the officers will vote on you. Decision will be made based on your behaviour, skill, raid attendance!!! and the amount of pp you donate to the "Maddil's plastical surgery" fund. Also, talking smack about Tistalion in guildchat will greatly help your cause.

3. Now you will either become a full member, get your trial period extended, or get kicked out. Trial period can be extended only once, on the second voting its yes or no. Good luck!

4. When you become full member you are required to show the same amount of raiding. If you're showing your best side during trial, and start slacking once you're a full member, you can still be kicked out. Any slowdown in your raiding activities will need a good reason.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Recruitment Team

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