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2005-07-15 16:15:19 by Pede

The last update so to say

New games come out and servers merge. Torv becomes Fennin Ro and EQ1 goes on as usual.

NoF is around only in name now, with a few oldtimers logging in once in a while and that might not last long. Most of our players are either in WoW, EQ2, have moved to Druzzil Ro or Antonious Bayle or have quit online gaming all together.

Nexxus of Faith does continue in EQ2 as a guild with many of the old people there.

The webpage is at this link

Others have joined the millions of people in World of Warcraft and they seem to like it. No Nexxus of Faith guild has been formed (at least by name) but many old noffers are in the same guild... or so I think. laugh.gif

On Druzzil Ro you will find a few NoF in the guild Old Continent.

On Antonius Bayle you will find a few NoF in the guild Midwinter.

Others including me have quit the game all together. However there is always a hope that one day some will return to online gaming.

So NoF lives on, in EQ2, on EQ1 in name and in the spirit of the many many people that were part of this guild over the years.

We saw many more ups than downs. The endless reflagging that were changed into twink flagging and zerg.. our 100 plus zerg of that fat guy in PoD... man that was insane.. under 10 seconds did he last.

My most memorable moments include our first dragon killing in Emerald Forest, with people running around because of the fear spell. I remember Thyromes Vox attempts and kills... Tthe first time we killed Avatar of War and the first time we attempted him with IR. Our North ToV attempts, and the race to get to the zone.. and when we finally cleared it, how fun it was and all the loot. Killing King Tromax and learning how to pull him was a blast even though we just sat the entrance (ups super secret strat).

Then came that "hated" expansion with the aliens and we ventured into snake world. We farmed and farmed and finaly gained access Emp. Snakes thrown room. All that farming and waiting.. and we owned that idiot mob. I remember Kangaxx missing out on a piece for the key like 16 times.. those were the sucky times, but it was fun. Then off to Vex Thal, the learning, and then on our second try, clearing the zone. The day we killed off Miss Big Boobs was a great day.. or was it night or morning. Our countless clearings turned the whole event into a race and getting the clearing down to 5 hours 30 mins was a rush.

Then came Planes of Power. Pede being the second one on the sever in PoK and then the race was on.. or so. We were still in Vex Thal so our start in PoP was slow and it took one hell of a long time but we did reach the end. We were relieved when killed Rallos Zek after all those tries, and the went on to kill the elemental gods to get access to plane of time.. much hate for Coirnav and Rathe Council.

The final thing this guild did on a major scale was clear Plane of Time and kill Quarm.. and what a feeling. One could say there was an end, even though new expansions had come out.

All through the history of NoF we have had guilds we have competed with. Immortals Rising is one that is still around and in the later years Blood & Guts, our former alliance partner. We also bonked heads with Jubals forces and of course later on that gnomes mighty army of Monolith. We were KS'ed, trained and yet in the end we won and that I am proud off. We used our Euro time frame to "beat the opposition" and it worked till SOE changed the rules.

I also remember how we had a reallife meeting in Amsterdam almost 2 years ago and how the guild evolved because of the people in it. I remember how dedicated many were in helping out, from leading raids to making this wonderfull website. I remember the birth of many children during the years we were all active, Cordan, Noop, Juliane and so on. We also lost a person during the many years and it still pains me to remember her.. she was the only reason I have my epic to this date. May she rest in peace.

So many memories... but enough is enough. This website will continue for a few more months and then go off into the great cyberspace graveyard.

One thing is for sure, NoF will never be forgotten by those who lived the life of a Noffer!

Thanks to.

Thyrome (founding guildleader)

Norreen (founding officer)

Djarnis/Drengen (founding member, guildsite and webdesigner)

Pelsen/Laks (founding member or I think he was)

Ghaza/Azahag (founding member or I think he was)

Gugak and later Kinekko (founding member/raidleader)

Ubium (Guildleader that saved the guild)

Noop (officer and voice of reason, our French connection)

Crying (noob of all times, and raidleader)

Anlas (officer and great friend)

Sviss/Aidal/Cisha (banker, officer, lootgiver.. and a hell of a lot more)

Aberylena and Ariadnna (the greek connection)

Lymi/Limy (the best cleric out there.. almost)

Wardoktor (The US connection)

Juliane (Small but nice, one of the first)

Maddil (smells of fish to this day, but a ling all the way)

Snik (Ling of Lings)

Prettysammy (the insane asian connection that was one of the best chanters out there)

Gauvain (pally extraordinare)

Eldeorn (nutty swede!!!)

Vermis (sick man of Norway)

Pergiee (the coolest chick alive)

Halamdar (the best asian shaman any guild can ever have)

Tistallion (the gay swedish bard, who was not so gay... or was he?)

Faldorian (now he was gay!)

Jaeson (Mr multi character of all time.. How many alts did he have?)

Ansgaar (that nutty dane and a dwarf)

Uffe (the even more nutty dane.. also a dwarf.. hmm a pattern)

Kokoba (the french healing center)

Toya/Aivy (the loyal servant of NoF and one hell of a player)

Zecky (one crazy dutch person)

Divonax (also insane but a great player)

Alorion (the nr. 1 german mage on the server)

Ghan (the nr. 1 mage of all time.. well at least I think so.. mod rod please)

Zaskorak (the quite necro who we all loved)

Evilbeing (the red of the Denmark.. and a great friend of NoF)

Arglebargle (that yankee ranger who thought he was a warrior or druid)

Rybekka (the sweetest rogue out there)

Charun (the sexiest SK on the server)

Sarorf (the origninal bear man)

Skyhawk (great officer and one hell of a person.. last time seen chasing Tunare in Plane of Growth)

Judgemax (great leader, and one fat ass)

Quarki (fatass nr 1... last seen fishing in Karnors Castle)

Paul (wizard of all ages and always helpfull)

Vardie (was with us shortly but we learnt alot from her)

Kerrigan (red hot SK from the US and one hell of a puller and tank)

Geea (the strip club owner from downunder)

Algaris (the nutty aussie who never wore any PANTS!!!)

Ceni/Ceniwu (the sking spaniard with monk like traits)

Norbac (another spanish cleric with a heart)

Nenelyan (Great officer and now doing what he loves as a proffesion)

Arath (nutty gay norgay bard)

Alligatora (the ugliest sexiest beastlord out there)

Fjotte (the original danish hospital)

Hannah (was not long with us but left a mark that will last forever)

Doctorslack (the best female halfling cleric we ever had.)

Depheni (the greatest greek druid ever)

Bwakakz (pulls to wipe our asses)

Cordan (the original Satan of monks)

Jaytan (the man that invented pulling, well some of them anyways)


Weezercow (will miss you alot, and MOOOOOOOO!!!)

Gneto (the swedish gnome warrior rogue puller nut job that we all loved)

Spyght (the SK that we bribed to get ... or gave rotting west tov loot.. whatever sounds right)

Choppin (Quarkis twin, and one fatass warrior)

Lires (we miss you)

Clayres (nutty as always, TASH FOR GOD SAKE!!)

Izzella (late but always seemed to be there when it counted)

Zynapolis (the reason we dont goto Canada and why the EU has border controls.. LUV U man!!)

Rasulaz (another nutty monk of team monk or team deathpuller)

Herret (the ferret, small but dangerous)

Deedo (ranger of all seasons)

Durbatr (Fatass French SK that loved to pull.. when we did not expect it.. but hey that was fun too)

Gogobaka (Female, Fat, and could kick some ass.. what more can one ask)

Kamier (part of team nuke and so british)

Liwi (the french atomic bomb)

Salopina (the best canadian wizard we ever had.. yes Tyinin even better than you)

Tyinin (the second best canadian wizard we ever had)

There are many many more, and I will never forget them, but I cant write anymore, so for now..

Thanks to all! who ever was in NoF!!!!

Pede, the once guildleader of NoF

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2004-11-08 10:05:28 by Sviss

Much effort has been put into this worldwide search. Uber twacking teams have been hired to twack
and twack and yet Nexxus of Faith still has a missing Lin"G".
If you've seen him please holler -
we might even consider a finder's award to the person finishing the trail; currently we're ready to
offer 6 skinned moss snakes and 2 yellow snowballs, more might be added later.
So…what have we been doing (other than wondering about the LinG)? Lots!
Where should we start – oh yes, Uqua. We HATE Uqua. Really. Anyone that tells you differently
is lying! We beat the twins once, but they decided to combine their forces (Wonder Twin Powers
Activated!) to kick our butts whenever possible thereafter.

Time – trivial at best, but still SOME good loots. Love it when the former end game goal now has
stuff rot.
Hmm…we need to flag some more alts to gear up.

Omens of War – Now these are a zones we like. We get good loots, it’s easy, and yet there is a certain
something about the lag that we all know and love. It’s fun watching our guildies fall off the
bridge in Bloodfields because they forget to lev. Barbarians splat better than gnomes, btw, in
case anyone was doing a study on the phenomena.
That’s about it for this update. There will be more, we were just too lazy to actually link any of
the good loots we’ve gotten – it was more fun to play Find the LinG and we got a bit distracted.

EDIT, Dj: Fixed images wink.gif

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2004-09-04 22:41:56 by Pede

Well we have been doing stuff..

Time has been cleared a few times by the alliance, only 1 semi wipe in total. Although SOE did throw us a curveball yesterday when we went into Time to do Tier 5 and Quarm only to find that the zone had been reset during the maintance of the server

Much hate for tier 1 to 4.... loots are even beginning to rot these days sigh.

In Gates we have been doing Uqua

Uqua... what is Uqua..

Try to imagine a zone like the castle in Chardok, small corridors and add a constant AE that takes off 300 of all stats. Uqua sucks pure and simple. Trying this zone is like going to the dont want to but have too.

Its not that its hard, but its annoying as hell. The stupid AE and the strange pathing, and of course all the suprises in the zone all add up to the worst zone NoF has raided so far

Our progress has been up and down, but our overall progression has been rather good. We have figured out the suprises so far and have even killed a Twin so we should be done soon... I hope.

We are also recruiting in all classes.

So if you are European or can raid from 19 cet (1 pm est) to 24 cet (6 pm est), and can raid 3 to 4 days from Sunday to Friday (yes we have Saturdays off), plus meet the following requirements then contact Perigee or Fidden.
Required: Kodtaz access
Bonus: Time access

Need for each class is:
Clerics - 3+
Druids - 2
Beastlords - 1
Beserkers - 0-1
Enchanter - 0-1 (has to be very very skilled)
Monks - 1-2
Warrior - 1-3 (10k buffed minimum, all defensive AA)
Rogue - 1-3
Wizard - 1-4
Shadowknights - 0-1
Ranger - 1-2
Shaman - 2+
Necros - 0-1
Mage - 0-1

0-1 means it depends on the person/abilities

Server transfers are very welcome if you have a good reputation on your home server, and meet our requirements.

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2004-08-04 23:39:04 by Pede

Crap happens to bad monsters

On first try

Next Uqua

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2004-08-02 02:24:34 by Pede

Yea we been raiding..

Plane of Time = CLEARED x 2

Trial of Glorification = COMPLETE x 2

Other GOD crap = DONE alot.

Trial of Transcendance = COMPLETE

Access to Keeper of the Altar.. GRANTED!

Loots were good too.

Gates of Discord loots:

Irestone Band of Rage
Blackstone Buckler
Flamestone of the Arcane
Aegis of Blackscales
Bloodlink Chestmail
Rageshale of Bolstering
Jagged Onyx Staff
Jointed Scale Greaves
Deathcaller´s Stonewind
Darkglint Blade
Mantle of Mending

Plane of Time loots:

Serpent of Vindication
Amulet of Crystal Dreams x 2
Armguards of the Brute
Gloves of the Unseen
Time´s Antithesis
Prismatic Ring of Resistance
Shroud of Eternity
Cloak of Retribution
Greatblade of Chaos
Timeless Leather Tunic Pattern
Platinum Cloak of War
Wand of Temporal Power x 2
Helm of Flowing Time
Cloak of the Falling Skies
Gloves of Airy Mists
Necklace of Eternal Visions
Ring of Evasion
Cap of Flowing Time
Vanazir, Dreamer´s Despair
Talisman of Tainted Energy
Greatstaff of Power
Shoes of Fleeting Fury
Pants of Furious Might
Bracer of the Inferno
Cord of Temporal Weavings
Shroud of Survival
Timeless Chain Tunic Pattern
Wand of Impenetrable Force
Wristband of Echoed Thoughts
Celestial Cloak

and lots of tier 1 to 3 loots I dont want to list. Plus our alliance partner BaG/FD got lots of loots too.

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